Affiliate Marketing Platforms Explained - An Overview of the Best and Most Proven Affiliate Marketing Platforms and Services!


Affiliate marketing platforms are great ones that actually contribute to your success. The presence of affiliate marketing platforms guarantees you the best ways to increase your profits as well as that of your clients and affiliates. With the help of these platforms, you are given the chance to have an affiliate marketing plan where you earn more. There are lots of online marketing gurus who are earning huge money through these highly effective affiliate networks who have a myriad of high paying top offers to cater for their customers. Let's have a look at the main reasons why you should consider platforms for affiliate marketing.

The first and the most obvious reason is that the affiliate programs on such platforms have all the details regarding payout options. The payment methods like pay per click and pay per sale vary from one platform to another. However, some of the platforms also have some affiliate marketing programs with automatic payout options which are great for people who are just starting out on a small scale. Some of the affiliate programs that offer payout options are the ones that offer you a certain percentage of each and every sale that you make. Another one is that some platforms have fixed payout options and you would not receive any bonus or anything for making sales. The fixed payout option may sound bad but if you think about it, you do not actually spend much time on such affiliate programs.

There is also another reason that you should consider using affiliate marketing platforms like the ones we are talking about here. These platforms enable you to earn passive income through your internet business. We all know that internet businesses are all about making a profit. If you want to work on something where you get to earn passive income, you can't beat affiliate marketing because here you get to reap profits on a monthly basis without doing any work.

In order to get started in affiliate marketing platforms, the first thing that you need to do is to find some merchants that you are interested in. You can look up the merchants on the ShareAsale website and then click on the 'Create a Market Plan' link. Once you do this, you will be given various options. You can choose between several different payout options that are offered on the plan. Some of the options that are on offer include payout on a monthly basis, quarterly payments and annually.

After you have chosen the payment option that you like, you will have to sign up on the platform. There is actually nothing really difficult about signing up on the affiliate marketing platforms. You would basically be creating an account which will have you login with your email address. The email address that you provide must be completely genuine and reliable. This is because you will be dealing with some serious people here and you do not want to risk sending them your personal details. Once you have logged in, you would need to select a niche for your website.

Once you have done this, you would be presented with a list of merchants who have agreed to participate in this program. You would have to carefully compare and assess each of the merchants. Pick and choose the ones that best suits the kind of niche that you are dealing in. There are several affiliate marketing platforms that are used by affiliate program owners, namely:

ClickBank is one of the most well known affiliate marketing platforms. The pros of this system include: it has several features that help you in finding a lot of products to promote, it has step-by-step instructions, very simple set up procedures and an affiliate marketing programs section where you can learn everything about the ins and outs of the system. The cons of this system include: it requires you to pay a membership fee which is only $67 as well as a per-product commission fee. This is considerably higher than the other platforms. It is well known that most people who have made a substantial income with ClickBank are made to do this by using their own affiliate marketing programs.

Amazon has been famous for the longest time among affiliate marketing platforms because it allows the marketers to choose from a variety of services. Among the many advantages of using Amazon is that there are no limits on how you promote your products. Moreover, it offers services like web ads, RSS feeds, pay per click and full track of your campaigns. Amazon also has its own unique method of affiliate marketing, namely: through its own marketplace, its own search engine, its own referral program, its own affiliate marketing programs and its own website.

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