Study MBBS In United States Of America 2021

 It's been a dream for Every medical students of India to MBBS study abroad. The reason to study MBBS abroad is not money, but the value of the education you will get there. The education system is highly skill developed with more practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge.


The mbbs graduation degree is the basic medical degree in the medical field. US has the most advanced education programs in All over the globe.

It is totally Apart European countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland , Russia, etc.) and Asian countries (India, China,Nepal, Philippines, etc.). Though the fees of studying MBBS in the USA are slightly higher than any other country but it's worth it. You get best and highly qualified faculties in your course. You get the advanced and high grades of study materials 

along with all equipments for practice. It is easy to practice in the USA than in India. You can get a post graduate in the USA and  do practice in India. The infrastructure of the USA colleges is very astonishing along with every facility of living or studying inUSA.


If you are intent in Studying mbbs in USA 

 you must keep in mind that this is not going to be a easy job. You will only get the admission when you are passionate enough about medical. some requirements which you must qualify before studying mbbs. 

1. You must have score 50% in PCB (Physics,  

    Chemistry, Biology) from science streams. 

2. 40% if you belong to SC/ST or special


3. MCAT EXAM - you must qualify this

    computerized test for taking admission in


4. IELTS & TOEFL - It is mandatory to every

    abroad student to clear this exam to study

    anything in US. 

5. The minimum mbbs course fees for one year is

    3.7L INR. 


1. HARVARD UNIVERSITY - Harvard University was established in 1636 situated in Cambridge,Massachusetts. It is one of the oldest universities all over the Globe they offers higher education to students all across the globe. Although it has a number of streams to study but it is best known for its medical studies along with business studies in the world. 

23,761 students study in Harvard University currently. It has 500k+ alumni all around the world. 

2.  STANFORD UNIVERSITY - Stanford University was established in 1885 by Leland   Stanford in the memory of his son Leland Stanford Jr. Stanford University is situated in Stanford, California. It is one the most important university around the world. It has outstanding rankings in medical , engineering  and business bachelors and masters course. 

Stanford University has a huge 2,190 number of highly qualified faculties. It has 95+ fields of courses you can master from. The student-faculty ratio of this university is 5:1. 

3.  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Massachusetts Institute of Technology was established on April 10, 1861. Situated on the banks of Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The MIT focuses on  applied science, engineering, mathematics and technology. 

MIT has 1,074 highly educated staff along with a total of 11,720 students. 

Till December 2020 26 Turing Award winners, 99 Nobel laureates have been associated with MIT either as a student or faculty. 

4.  UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA - University of California is the founding member of the Association of American Universities. University was established in 1868 situated in Berkeley, California. It allows some 360 degrees in all his 14 schools and colleges. 
It is situated in around 8,163 acres of land in California. A total number of students studying in the university is 43k in the fall of 2019. The university is known for not only medical education but also mathematics and space science along with advanced technology and laboratories for practice. It has 1,649 faculties which are as full time and 899 as part time faculties in more than 130 academic departments. 

5. COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - Columbia University is a private Ivy League university in New York City. Columbia University was established in 1754 on the grounds of Manhattan trinity church. It is the oldest education university in New York. It is organized in 22 schools, including 6 under-graduate and 17 graduate. A number of researches have been carried out through the faculties and students. One of the most important project was the Manhattan Project during World War . Along with medical , engineering , research and studies university mostly focus on nuclear energy and technology and Applied computer science. They have a large number of highly qualified faculties of 4,370. In the fall of 2019, they have total 33,413 number of students.

6. THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO - The University of Chicago is a private university for research. It was established in the year 1890 in Chicago, Illinois. The university focus on Law, medicine and school of business. Consider as one of the oldest and most important universities of US. The campus is stretched on around 218 acres of land. They have a academic staff of 2,759 in various fields. The total number of alumni in the of 2019 was 14,545. 

7.  UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA - University of Pennsylvania is also a Ivy league university in research. It was established in 1740 and is among the nine colonial colleges prior to the Deceleration of Independence of the US. The university campuses is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mostly famous for studying in applied , medical ,science, engineering, and Nursing. They have the teaching staff of 4,783 in 2018 and 22,442 alumni in the end end of 2019. The two presidents of the states belong to this university.


The doctors profession is given respect not only in India or USA but all over the Globe it is regards as one of the most important parts of societies. After doing Mbbs in USA, you can directly start to work in any governmental hospitals or private hospitals in the US. Or you can work on your own. The annual salary of mbbs physicians and Surgeon is around 2,09,000 US Dollars. Which is more than any field  of work in India. 
But for achieving this one should must be passionate about it and have faith in his/her decision.

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